By: Sean McQuillan

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Produced by: Donald De Line, Greg Berlanti

Screenplay by: Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Goldenberg

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Time Robbins

Music by: James Newton Howard

Studio: DC Entertainment De Line Pictures

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Release Date: June 17, 2011

Running Time: 114 Minutes

Rating:  7/10 It’s not award-winning, but it’s quite fun.

Hal Jordan is a reckless and carefree test pilot who doesn’t feel that he’s found his true purpose in life.  When an alien peacekeeper crash lands on earth and chooses Hal as his successor, he is thrust into a battle for bigger then himself and must learn to conquer his fear if he is to save not only his world, but the galaxy.

I went into this movie a little wary that it would be all CGI and no substance, and was pleasantly surprised.  The mask looks just as bad in the movie as in the commercials, but luckily they address that in a scene I won’t give away.  One area where the effects exceeded expectations was Parallax, the ultimate being of fear.  The trailers looked like tendrils of fire and smoke, but there’s so much more detail to him in the movie.  Parallax gains power and size by consuming the souls of people with fear, becoming a swarm of tormented minds.  While this looks amazing up close, from afar it can look like hippy dreadlocks comprised of the souls of the damned.

The casting is decent, with Ryan Reynolds being charming as ever, and Peter Sarsgaard is sinister as the envious and misshapen Dr. Hammond.  The rest of the Lantern Corp cast is great, led by Mark Strong as a very believable Sinestro.  The highlight for me was the voice acting, Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog, and Clancy Brown as Parallax.  My only complaint is many of these characters just don’t get very much screen time.

The story is an origin, but the movie doesn’t get bogged down by that.  The history of the Corp is summarized nicely, and doesn’t make you wait too long for some action.  The training scenes for Hal on the Green Lantern home world of Oa were a nice touch.  Many times training sequences can slow down the pace of a superhero movie, but it’s hard to feel bored with alien sword fights, Gatling guns, and giant boulders.

While it movie feels a little unfocused at times, it is certainly enjoyable.  Don’t go into this expecting the gravity or seriousness of the recent Batman movies.  Rather go into it looking to have fun as you would with Ironman 2.  Whether you like the comics, or have never heard of a Green Lantern before, this movie is fun.  Catch it as a Matinee and it will certainly be worth your money.


While this is a DC movie, if you’re looking for more films like this you might like check out these ones from Marvel Studios:

X-men, X2, Thor, Ironman, Ironman 2


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