Fans cheer “Canyon Road” teaser trailer at 2011 San Diego Comic Con

Posted: August 2, 2011 by TME (thats my e) in Movies
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The first teaser trailer for the new feature thriller “Canyon Road” premiered at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con to a very enthusiastic fan response. Unspooling at the Dark Sky Pictures booth, the unexpected and unannounced teaser trailer played repeatedly to large crowds in the convention hall, many of whom clamored to learn more about this film and see the young stars signing autographs and meeting their new fans for the very first time.

In this harrowing original film, a young couple trapped in a failing marriage is unexpectedly buried under a mudslide on Malibu Canyon Road and must fight for survival (in the vein of “Open Water,” “Buried,” and “Frozen”.)

 Stars Roxanne Jaeckel and Ivan Lovegren held repeated autograph sessions, signing hundreds of production stills and custom “CynRd” keychains for clamoring fans. Tabling at the Dark Sky Pictures booth between the “Twilight: New Moon” headquarters and fans seeking the cast of “The Big Bang Theory”, and excitedly signing autographs alongside stars such as Doug Jones (“The Silver Surfer”; “Hellboy I” & “II”), Robert Picardo (“Star Trek: Voyager”), Camden Toy (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” [Television series]) and model Chanel Ryan, the two feature actors were a hit with the Comic Con crowd.

 The film will also include the world-premiere of the new song “Next Time We’ll Shine” by Michael Bluestein, keyboardist/backing vocals for Foreigner. A music video is under way to be released as part of the “Canyon Road” experience.

 “Canyon Road” was produced by Sheri Reeves, an accomplished film producer and part of the Emmy-winning team on “The Hawaiian Moving Company;” her previous film, “Jack the Reaper”, won Best Horror/Sci Fi at the Cannes Independent Film Festival in 2011.

 The film is aiming for a spring 2012 release; talks are already unofficially underway with several studios vying to distribute this unique and original thriller.


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