New Zombie Romance Film……wait, what?

Posted: November 9, 2011 by tmepost in Movies, Previews, Rumors

By Sean McQuillan

Okay Twilight fans, you catch a lot of flak for your personal literary tastes.  I admit the only way I’d wear a team Edward shirt is if it had Edward James Olmos on it, but your preferences don’t really impact me unless you’re talking my ear off about your particularly disturbing fan fiction.  Which brings me to my next point, with all of the necrophilia vs. bestiality jokes you guys were getting I cannot imagine what Hollywood executive thought this was a good idea….

Here’s a look at the Zombie romance film Warm bodies.  Yes, you read that correctly, Zombie….Romance….

I repeat, what Hollywood executive thought this was a good idea?  Just look at the promo pic below.

There’s no denying that it’s a blatant rip off of Twilight trying to cash in on the “Supernatural teen romance” genre.  Not only does this genre exist, but you can walk into your local bookstore and ask for the “Supernatural Teen Romance” section and the employees won’t even bat an eye at it.  If you’re wondering how this movie could get away with copying the imagery of Twilight without getting a lawsuit on their hands, the answer is simple:  Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight, are behind this too.

I shudder to think at how many other supernatural creatures are going to be shoved into this mold before people just cry “Enough!”  You’ve taken our vampires and our werewolves, and now our zombies.  What’s next?

Meagan Crow was a teenage girl in a new town.  Feeling like she just didn’t belong, her only escape was swimming in a local lagoon.  One night however, she nearly drowned when her legs got tangled up in seaweed.  She was saved by a mysterious young boy, and from this one moment an unlikely romance blossomed.  This summer, the must see Supernatural Teen Romance film is….The Romance from the Black Lagoon.

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