Review : Immortals

Posted: November 11, 2011 by tmepost in Movies, Reviews
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By David Burrola

Greek mythology has always held a soft spot for me, from watch many of the old Harry Hausen films depicting many of the classic stories, to others farther down the line and just reading them all together.

The Immortals, Directed by Tarsem Singh is taking its story from Theseus, the hero who navigated the labyrinth and defeated the Minotaur to save a princess. And that was pretty much it for his story. He did that and that was the end of it. In Singh’s version, his story is much more epic.

Our story starts with a foreboding vision by the Oracle Phreada, played by Freida Pinto, about the conquering King Hyperion, as portrayed by Mickey Rourke, about release the Titans from their prison. From there, we see our hero Theseus, played by Herny Cavill, having a talk with an old man, portrayed wonderfully by John Hurt, about the importance of a cause and not just fighting with his might fleetingly. Life for Theseus is simple up until King Hyperion attacks his home, thus giving him reason to want to kill the crazed conqueror. The Gods themselves are not allowed to intervene directly with the mortals as Gods upon penalty of death, for which Zeus, wonderfully realized by Luke Evans, holds to fervently.

The rest of the movie goes about as Theseus is trying to find his way to Hyperion to kill him, all the while the Oracle Pheadra, tries to show him that believing in the Gods will help him achieve his goal. And with at little help from a powerful weapon, the Bow of Epirus, he’ll succeed. However, King Hyperion wants the bow as well to release the Titans and take down the Gods. So with Phaedra and a thief name Stavros, played by Stephen Dorff go to stop Hyperion and save their lands.

Much of this film is about faith, but not in that heavy handed way that most movies do, which is deal with religion or what have you, this is all about adventure and conflict and a hero’s journey. Henry Cavill is picturesque as Theseus and you don’t doubt for a second that he’s the hero. Stephen Dorff is really entertaining as Stavros and helps lighten up the more dead set and resolute hero to keep things going. The scene with them fighting against King Hyperions forces are intense and you can see that they are both heroic and a cut above the rest, especially Cavill. He is the hero of course, and again, you can’t help but cheer as he kicks ass all over. But the marked difference between seeing mortals fight and Gods is the lesser amount of polish and more abject savagery with mortals. Micky Rourke is just intimidating, but in a more quiet way. He’s unrelenting in his quest for vengence agains the Gods, and you really think he just might do it.

The Gods themselves are well realized, and for one given a much more youthful look, more befitting immortal beings. When you see them, not just their clothes look different and sublime(okay just being gold may not be sublime, but that’s besides the point), the whole color palette for them changes. They’re much more clear and crisp within the world and clean almost as if dirt or mud can never touch them. Its fantastic to see. Seeing the Gods fight? You’ll just have to see it, I really won’t spoil that for anyone, but just to say, this is what you would picture a God like if they went in to settle something personally. And damn for the Greek pantheon, this is really a geek moment for me.

The visuals, as is something of a signature for Singh, are fantastic. From the subtle ways he brings in the old tale of Theseus and the Minotaur, to how he shows you the world these people live in, to real Divine interventions(I will not apologize for that one), everything still feels like the Hellenistic Greece you would see, mixed equally with that fantastical view of a mythical tale come to life. While the story seems much more like something we’ve all seen before, its the presentation that makes it all the more engaging. That and honoring the brutal viscera of  Greek mythological tales, which really earns this film an R rating.

3D or no 3D this is one to watch. It entices you and sucks you in doesn’t make you look away for the whole adventure. This is an evening affair that will make you come back for more.

Now all we need is for Jason and the Argonauts to get something good like this too.

Till next time!


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