The Three Musketeers

Posted: November 11, 2011 by tmepost in Movies, Reviews
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By David Burrola

Release : October 21, 2011
Genre : Action/Advrenture
Runtime : 110 min
Director : Paul W.S. Anderson
Cast : Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich, Matthew MacFayden, Luke Evans, Ray Stevenson, Orlando Bloom, Chrisopher Waltz, Mads Mikkelsen

Rating: Its a matinee/evening pick for me. Just skip the 3D if you can, unless you got the cash to waste.

Young and hot-headed D’Artagnan, find the Musketeers in a slump and rouses them to arms again in protection of France against a double agent and a plot to drive Europe into war.

Ah The Three Musketeers, a story that’s been adaptated to film so many times; a two parter in 1911 from the silent era, a 1914 American production, a 1916 Hollywood feature, two French silent films in 1921, a remake of one of the 1921 version with sound in 1933, a 1935 comedy with Don Ameche and the Ritz Brothers, the well known MGM version staring Gene Kelly, Van Heflin, Lana Turner and June Allyson in 1948, a 1993 Disney production with Charlie Sheen, Keifer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Chris O’Donnel and Tim Curry, and a 2001 version that couldn’t decide between being a kung fu movie or The Three goddamn Musketeers. So yeah, here’s a new version by Paul W.S. Anderson which is sure to have lots of over-the-top action and ridiculous scenarios that couldn’t be possible in the 17th century.

But damn is this movie fun.

The start of the movie introduces each of the Musketeers as they are the A-Team with a stylized portrait shot of each one with their names(no one does that anymore in action movies do they?), and its actually pretty funny to see it, but in a good way. Each is shown with what is characteristic of them, brains, agility, strength or hotness as exemplified by Milady, Milla Jovovich’s double agent.

After they go into steal some plans of Leonardo Da Vinci’s(yeah that’ll mean we get crazy mechanical things that couldn’t exist. Why, because we all know Da Vinci was a mad scientist.) they retreat to celebrate their success and a promptly double crossed by Milady. Here, we are introduced to her new employer(for now) the Duke of Buckingham played by Orlando Bloom, who hams it up so much that he’s finally a villain. Seriously, he’s so stoked he’s not a hero here its as if he’s saying, “I’m a villain? Oh my GOD i’ll be so eeeeeevil!”. Yes, he’s fun and has hair so big you’d think he’s trying to set up hair metal for the 80’s. Its that fabulous.

We jump a year ahead to see young D’Artagnan training with his father to sends him off on his way to be as reckless as ever. His dads words, no bull$&@!. He arrives at a stop near Paris, where he challenges a man to a duel, gets beaten and almost killed, but is saved by Milady. The man he challenged, is sure to be a villain as he’s played by Mads Mikkelsen sporting an awesome eye-patch(he always gets to look cool).

After arriving in Paris, he try’s to chase down Mikkelsen’s Rochefort(no spash intro for the bad guys, otherwise you’d think you started watching a cartoon….wait..), and through a series of events gets into a duel with each of the Musketeers. This is a classic element that was in the original story(I think) and in pretty much every other version made, and still done well here. He meets up with the three to duel and they are interrupted by Rochefort and his guards under orders from the Cardinal Richelieu(played by Christopher Waltz). And then awesome fight scene.

From here we get into more of the plot where Richelieu is trying to goad the young King Louis to starting a war with England by making him think that the Duke of Buckingham has been sexing up his Queen. So the Musketeers are sent out on a mission to save the Queen’s honor by stealing something back for her that was taken and would ignite war.

I skip out on most of the plot details as its more entertaining to see how it all plays out. This is really one of those movies where Hollywood says, “Damnit! We’ve got the money and the know how, lets make a movie that’ll rock your face off! WAHOOOO!”. It was a more innocent time when Hollywood made movie for the sake of making movies and this is that kind of film here.

The film is shot in 3D, and either its not as noticable because i’ve seen too many 3D movies nowadays or its not as prominent, but either way it looks natural and its in very high definition. The sets are amazing and wonderfully lavish in line with 17th century France, and costume design is also a mix of traditionally foppish, and somewhat rockstar like in the case of Orlando Bloom’s Buckingham, or D’Artagnan’s later Leather outfit.

And yes, they use some tech from Da Vinci. As soon as they went to Venice to get his plans, or one really, I knew that this was gonna be a crazy movie, but enjoyable. There’s a film company called Asylum that always does knock off version of popular movies out made by Hollywood, and are always over-the-top and insane. But in that good B movie way. Here, this is kinda like that but given a bigger budget and more known actors.

Overall, every actor had fun making this movie, as they all either overplay their roles for fun, or just skirt the line of straight and hammy. Its one of those times you watch a movie and turn off your brain because you’re not here to be engadged watching something that’ll further your mind or make you think about something different in life. Unless that life is about dreaming up strange Steam-punk gadgets and vehicles to have fun action scenes in.


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