The Tower Heist

Posted: November 11, 2011 by tmepost in Reviews
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By David Burrola

Genre: Comedy/Action/Crime

Release : November 4, 2011
Director: Brett Ratner
Cast: Ben Stiller, Eddy Murphy, Casey Afleck, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe, Michel Pena, Alan Alda

Rating: 3/5 Spend an evening with this movie and get ready for the heist

Longtime workers of an expensive housing complex conspire to steal money from the man that Ponzi’d their hard earnings away. Well played, and well made, this movie’s gonna be your pick for the winter.

Many heist movies are wrought with overly complicated plots or with characters too cool to be believable in most cases, but this one hits it a bit home with people who are hard working folks that just get screwed over and decide to not take it lying down.

It opens in Manhattan in the most expensive high rise on the island, where we meet out main character, Josh Kovacs. He’s the manager of the building and he’s good at his job. He frequently plays chess with the richest resident and owner of the building Arthur Shaw, wonderfully played by Alan Alda. As it gets more into intoducing characters, such as Casey Aflecks Cole Howard, front desk man and lovably dense at his job at time, as well as newcomer Rick, played by Michel Pena.

Everything’s played fairly straight and its also more about the characters and their troubles than it is about being over-the-top funny. While there are moments like that, such as with Eddy Murphy’s Slide or even with Gabourey Sidibe’s Odessa, its still not really farce or slap-stick.

Lets get on to Eddie… Goddamnit, its been a long time coming to see him in a role that gives him the freedom to act like he used to. I mean that, its a role that lets him have flexibility rather than being a dopey guy or just so ridiculous he’s got to be funny like in many of the family films he’s made in the last few years. This is really giving him credit again, and i’m so f****** glad I don’t have to see Eddy in another stupid family film.

The heist itself is well done, giving a good amount of twists and wonderful set ups to jokes without sacrificing the plot. You see enough of the building and then of some of the tenets that it makes it all the more interesting. The payload is whats really fun and how it all is taken out makes this a fun and well thought out movie.


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