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On the Monday, November 21st edition of “The Martha Stewart Show” (airs weekdays on Hallmark Channel at 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET), “Breaking Dawn” star Peter Facinelli taps into his domestic side when he joins host Martha Stewart to make a corn bread side dish and craft a Turkey centerpiece. Peter chats about a shirtless Taylor Lautner, reveals his Thanksgiving Day plans, discusses his new #1 movie, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” his fear of touching chicken eggs and his thoughts on how a Turkey centerpiece can make a great toilet paper holder.

Below, please find a link to Peter crafting a Turkey centerpiece with Martha and his thoughts on using it as a toilet paper holder, along with transcripts of some additional significant moments

Martha and Peter discuss “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”and Taylor Lautner going shirtless.

Martha: All of you work so hard in those movies too. It really shows.

Peter: Yeah, it’s hard to look good dead.

Martha: I was with Taylor a few weeks ago on the Jay Leno Show, and he was there talking about the movie. He was very funny, he’s so cute. He’s small. I’m surprised he’s so short.

Peter: Well you didn’t see him without his shirt on.

Martha: Oh yes I did. He’s walking around all the time without his shirt on.

Peter: I try to go the other way because there was a scene I did with the Taylor where I answer the front door and I tried to convince the director that I should answer the door with no pants on. Taylor has the market cornered with no shirt, so maybe I could be the pants-less guy.

Martha: Oh yeah?

Peter: But he didn’t go for it.

Martha: Well what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Peter: I’m wearing pants, Martha.


Peter reveals his fear of touching chicken eggs to Martha.

Peter: I have chickens too ya know.

Martha: I didn’t know. Where in L.A.?

Peter: No. We have a ranch up north. I usually wear gloves when I get the chicken eggs because I don’t like the chickens pecking at me. Do you wear gloves when you get the chicken eggs?

Martha: No.

Peter: You don’t mind them pecking at your hands? I’m deathly afraid of chickens.

Martha: No, here’s what you do, there’s the hand in the box and this is what I taught Matt Lauer, you put one hand like this and then touch the head on the side and reach in with the other hand.

Peter: Yeah but it’s still like uh, dirty, it feels dirty…I don’t like it.

Martha: He’s one of those men.

Peter: Chickens creep me out.


Peter discusses his weird pizza topping of choice.

Peter: Have you ever had corn kernels on pizza?

Martha: Yes, it’s good.

Peter: People think I’m weird when I put it on pizza. It’s like a can of corn and I just throw it on my pizza.

Martha: Just unheated or before you bake it?

Peter: No I usually just buy the pizza and then take a can of corn…do you have to cook it? It’s already cooked in the can right? Am I going to get salmonella from canned corn?

Martha: No but you’re gonna eat it? That’s weird.

Peter: See, people think I’m weird.

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