The Muppets

Posted: November 25, 2011 by tmepost in Reviews
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Reviewed by: John Burrell Jr.

Jim Henson and his many felt made friends were a major part of any 70’s/80’s born child’s life. They were everywhere. Movies, toys, clothing, and most of all TV. Sesame street, Fraggle Rock (still one of the best theme songs ever written right up there with McGuyver), and the Muppets Show. His creations dominated my and so many other children’s lives and imaginations. And now the Muppets gang is back to try win over a whole new generation of fans.

The movie’s premise is that three fans (Walter, who’s a Muppet), his brother (Gary, played by Jason Segel whom also wrote the screenplay)and the brother’s girlfriend (Mary played by Amy Adams) try to help reunite the Muppets in order to raise 10 million dollars and save their once glorious studios. The studios have been threatened by a rich oil tycoon (Tex Richman, played by Chris Cooper) who explains who he is in a rather elaborate rap routine. The movie is very tongue in cheek with its self awareness breaking the “fourth wall” on numerous occasions. For example; the three fans try to convince Kermit to set in motion their plan and he refuses. Amy Adams looks at her co stars and says, “This is gonna be really short movie.” in despair. These types of moments are littered throughout the movie and give it additional charm. The performances are done well by the cast as they seemed to be genuinely having fun which allows the audience to enjoy it as much as it looks like they did.

You can expect all of your favorite Muppet characters here from Kermit, Fozzy, Gonzo, Swedish Chef and plenty more. My favorite character though was 80’s Robot with his dial up modem complete with old school dialing noises scene was priceless. There are many songs throughout the film. They range from “Smells Like Teen Spirit” done by a barbershop quartet, “Forget You” sung by chickens, to original musical numbers sung by the live actor cast (which are pretty well done). You can also expect the celebrity cameos that have become custom for Muppet based films as the stars come out for this one. My pick for most out of place cameo is NPH (Neil Patrick Harris for the unhip) as he’s been more associated with raunchiness than family entertainment since he stopped being Doogie Howser.

Overall, the movie has a bit of something for every member of the family and a lot of genuine laughs. Jason Segel is a fan of the Muppets and their brand of entertainment and you can tell by the way he wrote the screenplay for this film. Sight gags, physical comedy, and some jokes that may go over the head of anyone under 15 are what you should expect going in but most of all expect a great time for all involved. This movie lit me and my new little friend I met in the advance screening line Nathan, up with smiles on numerous occasions and it will you as well. This one dances away with a 4.5 out of 5 rating from this reviewer.


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