Hollywood and the Holidays

Posted: December 9, 2011 by tmepost in Movies, Randomz, TV
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By David Burrola

Around this time of year is when Hollywood has gone and either set up release dates for films to be seen around this holiday season, wether its Christmas themed or not, and most older movies are rerun on TV. As somewhat of a retrospective and maybe a bit of a suggestion for some i’m just gonna tell about some experiences of the seasons past.

I used to go to some movies with family around this time more often while I was in high school, but sometimes while I was a kid too. Sometimes i’d go with my Grandparents when my parents where too tired or cleaning up other things in the house after more family had been over to the house. Thing is, when you’re a kid, there’s just the usual kids movies you go see. When you’re a bit older, then there are the more adult or ‘grown up’ movies you can watch.

The thing that makes this interesting is that Christmas is trying to capitalize on people wanting to be with family and do something fun, or just be entertained. Its not a bad idea, and most times you’ll have less to worry about with R rated movies as less and less come out during the holidays.

There are a few movies coming out this season, New Years Eve(one that i’m not excited about at all really), Sherlock Holmes(Mr. Downey Jr. is always a good choice), and despite my previous statement about R rated movies we’ve got Girl with The Dragon Tattoo(see the Swedish version first, Noomey Rapace is in it, who’s also in the new Holmes movie). You’ve also still got The Muppets and Hugo to see, so its a pretty good time to go to the movies for the holidays.

Like I said, I went to the movies more with family at this time, and given a chance again, I’d still do it. Course, with me being a critic now and having gone through Art School I would really have to keep my mouth shut about things I would see that they wouldn’t.

Happy Holidays!


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