Prometheus Photos Leaked [Spoilers]

Posted: January 11, 2012 by tmepost in Movies, Previews

By Sean McQuillan

It seems some production photos of the alien’s mask have leaked onto the net.  According to Cinemart, the site who released the photos, these are of the Space Jockeys.  They were the gigantic dead alien pilot from the first Alien movie.  Ridley Scott has talked in his promotional videos about how they will be featured more in the coming film.  Obviously these are not full size models, but rather masks to be worn by actors, but still it’s exciting!

An H.R. Giger original, straight from our nightmares.

It's like an alien elephant....

...who never forgets to kill..


















Source: Cinemart


  1. rt2011 says:

    This is way too exciting. Can’t wait for this film

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