TME Review : Haywire

Posted: January 20, 2012 by tmepost in Movies, Reviews

By David Burrola

Release : Jan 20, 2012

Run time : 93 min

Genre : Action, Thriller

Director : Steven Soderbergh

Cast : Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas

A black ops soldier for hire is betrayed on a job and seeks revenge.

The lead here needed a warm up. Not that she can’t handle the action scenes’ or the fight scenes, but when its acting i think she needed a different script to start with.

There’s a lot of reasons I like this flick; I love Soderbergh’s sometimes strange shots and odd camera angles, I like the more realistic or in the moment shooting style, I like how there’s no soundtrack to the fight scene making them more intense and violent, and overall I like the idea of an action film with a female lead that doesn’t look like a strong breeze could take her out.

The plot is essentially an ex-Marine is now a gun for hire in a private company that contracts out to goverments for delicate jobs. Malory(Gina Carano) is just quitting the company, but is given one last job before she leaves because she’s the best of the operatives. She gets betrayed on this job and is now attempting to hunt down those responsible untangling a web of intrigue on why. By beating the ever loving shit outta everyone she can.

The plot has much more involvement but its surprisingly not that hard to follow, what with all the characters and motivations, partly because we’ve seen these kinds of characters before, but also because the plot points are pretty standard for a spy thriller. Malory’s a magnum really, a high powered weapon aimed at a target to take it down, so everything unfolds with little sublety and is more or less her getting into situations where she can get in close and mess someone up. The supporting cast is great and help carry this film along for the several characters involved with the cloak and dagger dealings. But Carano isn’t quite able to stand on her own along side them in just the pure acting scenes. She’s not terrible but not quite seasoned enough to handle being opposite such talented actors without notice. It may seem a bit unfair to judge her on her acting skills against her co-stars but it stands out more.

With the action however, she seems to be the one that doesn’t have any problems doing what she does. While she’s primarily a martial artist, she still handles guns well, and other scenes of running around chasing someone or evading police(because that happens in every action/spy flick). But when it comes to the fight scenes, she’s the best. They are all just brutal and without much finess at all, instead going for more brutish and just plain mean fighting. They aren’t the kind of fights where the hero’s just messing up their opponent, but more of her taking quite a beating and still coming out on top. Thats where this movie works, Gina really looks like the kind of woman that’s tough, in control and can hand your ass to you on a platter. When she’s punching some guy in the face, or hitting him in the gut, it looks like it hurts. While one might call her scissor hold on Fassbender in one scene kinda hot, to me it looked more brutal like his head was about to pop off. Mission accomplished there.

For all its fun cinematic style and the a great choice in lead actress that can handle a fight, its sad that she can’t quite call it even when acting in this movie.

I do want to see more from Gina Carano in action movies, but maybe one with a less detailed plot might help her get her feet wet with just plain acting. Or she can have a go in Hong Kong cinema doing some crazy shit there.

Matinee to save you some bucks.


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