TME Review : This Means War

Posted: February 16, 2012 by tmepost in Movies, Reviews
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Review By: David Burrola

Release: 2/17/2012

Run time : 98 min

Director : Mc G

Cast : Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon

Two top CIA agents come at odds with each other when they discover they are dating the same woman.

This seems like the onky genre Mc G’s comfortable in with the action comedy romance. That’s also one of the strangest mixes i’ve ever seen for a movie, but its good for guys who get tired of the same old crap with cheesy and predictable romance movies. Though now they’re stuck with predictable action comedys with the romance thrown in. Tjis has worked before with things like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but thats more the standard for what these movies can do.

Tuck and FDR aee the two agents who are the bext at what they do, which is be action heroes and terrible agents. FDR, played by Chris Pine, is the suave charming ladies man. And he goes about this part like he’s Captain Kirk on earth. I don’t think he intended that, or maybe that’s just me see him as Kirk no matter what now, though that isn’t really a bad thing.

Tuck, played by Tom Hardy, is the bulldog ofnthe pair, shorter but badass and taking on anyone that gets in his way. But who’s a total softie and has a marraige that he ruined and a son he doesn’t see much. Its still strange to see Tom Hardy in this kind of a role after seeingn him in films like Inception, and Warrior as he just becomes someone else, but he’s pretty entertaining here.

Lauren, the woman with a good job, but horrible love life is the subject of both Tuck and FDR’s affections. And Reese Witherspoon is again like most oher characters she’s played, but also the stereotype that these kinds of movies have. Really everyone is, but the only thing that makes the two agents different is that they are CIA agents. Still, its not like we haven’t seen a spy having love problems-*cough*True Lies*cough*

We start off seeing Tuck and FDR(I’m gonna call him Franklin from now on, becaise that is his name and I’m tired of tyoing that silly abbreviation) on a job as they’re out to apprehend a target covertly. That goes to the wind as they just shoot the hell out of some goons, kill the targets younger brother, and cause lots ofnproperty damage. What happens then? They’re grounded. Litteraly, thats what Angella Bassett said. Their boss is Angella Bassett by the way, who really doesn’t evem get a name in the movie and shows up twice.

Meanwhile, Lauren is dissatisfied with her love life, amd her friend goes out and out her info on a dating site. Be ause thats what friends do, whore out your shut in friend because they’re not getting enough *explative removed*. Coincidentally, the same dati g site that Lauren is now on, Tuck also has putnhis information on. See, he’s a little down because he hasn’t had a relatioshop since his marraige fell apart and is feeling like he’s missing something in his life. And with him being ‘grounded'(seriously? Thats what you’re going with movie?), he’s got the time to think about it. Still, how does a top agent put upmhis personal info on a dating site and not get immediately fired a shipped off tomanother country with a new identity, or a bullet in he head from a rival? Ah movie logic.

Well, as the initial date with Tuck and lauren goes on, another coincidence(these happen alot) occurs, when Franklin is at a video store down the street from where Tuck is having his date and meets Lauren. She shows that she’s not affected by Franklins pick up techniques and promptly tells him he’s not worth her time. This makes Franklin want the only woman who seems to be a challenge, and goes out of his way to coerce her into a date.

Later, bith men find they are dating the same woman, and lay out some ground rules of engagement. Which all get promptly ignored or violated by the end of the film.

Where this movie really gets it right is the comedy and the action. The action scenes are fun to watch, if not predictable but are just the right kind of over he top for this whole hing to work. Everyone is funny in some way, if not just by proxy of it being a comedy. If you like Reese Witherspoon, you’ll laugh at her and her friends antick. If not, then she’ll annoy the heel out of you. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy really make this entertaining as the two have good chemistry on screen. All the wonderful ways in which they abuse government resources and man power to out spy on this ditzy blonde is bon funny and frightening. Honestly, how do these guys just get away with using all of this and keep their jobs?

While this is fun, its mostly a rental. But if you’re a guybthats getting roped in to seeing a movie woth your girlfriend/wife/whatever, then see this instead of another crappy romance flick, you’ll at least keep your sanity.


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