About TME Hollywood

“‘it’s Portman who causes the film to fall short of the effectiveness of Repulsion. … you kind of wish Nina would just break down and get it over with.” (journalist from THE MERCURY)

Tired of the same old drawl reviews?  Tired of the same critics boasting how stupid something is when you’ve watched it 5 times over (ROFLMAO?).  TME Hollywood is no frills no filler reviews with room to grow.  Try us on for size. Hey even let other people know what you think? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so why not share? We cover Hollywood splendor and TV trash (no gossip news though .. go to TMZ for that).  Polls, interviews we cover it and if we don’t have it we will tell you where to find it.  This site also offers tips and tricks for the trade (casting calls, experiences shared with those starting out in the Hollywood track and even those who have been in it for a while). 

Boxoffice Theatre is where we spout our reviews and have fun poking at the movie industry. It’s improvisational audio right now so stay tuned.

We are TME.   We have fun with what we do even if we do want to gouge our eyes out.  Whether its sitting down watching “The League” or getting together for the blockbuster of the summer, we relate what we think and want to know what you do to.

If you would like to be a part of the team or wanna share email us

Angie Quidim

Editor in Chief: aquidim@thetestmarketevolution.com


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