Movie Reviews of the Week

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
Reviewed by: John Burrell Jr.


So when I was assigned this movie review I saw it as a sort of “we know you hate the series so to get a laugh here you go” type of thing from my boss. I stood in line for at The Muppets advance screening watching the many twi-tards (as I call them) sitting in line at 5 waiting for a premiere that was to start 7 hours later , sighing in complete dumbfounded amazement. I’ve never been impressed by these movies and couldn’t fathom why anyone would be beyond the fact that girls and women alike love buffed out men with their shirts off. The acting has always been hokey at best and the script required you to turn off your brain and commonsense simultaneously which I’m not apt to doing while I’m supposed to be entertained. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

This time the story centers on Bella and Edwards marriage, the revelation that Bella is pregnant and the massive consequences for both vampire and werewolf kind alike. This movie is broken in to two parts much like the 7th Harry Potter film was. I expected to get a bunch of uninteresting set up and filler for the big finale coming, I believe sometime toward the end of next year. What you get is a love story with a lot of with a lot of nuances. Albeit badly acted with some unintentionally hilarious moments. For example, my favorite part was when Bella tells Edward she might be pregnant his face drops in to an emotionless stare and he says something to the effect of “We have to get that thing out of you.” All I could think was that vampires react to hearing their significant other is pregnant exactly like regular guys do, with panic and the OMG face. It was classic. Little things like that make the film more enjoyable than the past few iterations.

I honestly have to say this felt a bit more like a vampire movie this time around with the amount of blood added this time around. It just felt like they were a little more like regular vampires than the wiener sparkly guys they’ve come to be known as. Of the three main actors the only one who gave a solid performance was Robert Pattison as Edward. Taylor Lautner as Jacob and Kristen Stewart as Bella are as horrendous as they’ve ever been. The entirety of the werewolf portions of the film were no good as they’ve assembled some of the absolute worst they could find to portray these characters.

Twilight should never win an Oscar but stranger things have happened (I’m looking at you 3-6 Mafia). The acting was terrific from a few in the movie and the first 20 minutes during the wedding was actually charming and eased my cynicism on the rest of the film. But, the half assed acting from the rest of the cast and horrid werewolf special effects pulled my rating of it down as it reminded me why I had a cynics’ outlook on the film going in. I also had one question how has PETA not come after this movie with all of it’s wolves being beaten by human like creatures. I mean they did just attack Mario for wearing a suit that looks like an animal. But crazy attention seeking animal activists aside, overall, I was entertained. Still can’t see how it’s a phenomenon , but still I was amused. For the good I saw it still had a mass amount of bad so it receives a 2 out of 5.


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