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Well friends the day has come as we said yesterday Marvel indicated that we’ll be getting a new trailer for The Avengers. This trailer truly is a hulk smash



Source: Entertainment Weekly

The whole fun of The Avengersis seeing these characters joined together as one fighting force, but for now Marvel Studios has unveiled solo portraits of the six superheroes and new photos from the set. staringRobert Downey Jr.,  Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston,SamuelL. Jackson ,Scarlett Johansson ,Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Cobie Smulders

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Captain America on the Set of The Avengers

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By David Burrola
Run time 125 minutes
Rating PG-13
Released July 22, 2011
Cast: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Stanley Tucci

Rating: Go Full Price and Get Patriotic! 8/10


 Small meek Steve Rogers is deemed unfit for military service during WWII despite his ardent drive to join. He gets his chance however with a top secret program to create super soldiers to fight against the Nazi’s. After a success of the project he becomes Captain America and leads a dangerous battle against the Nazi’s secret science division;who’s leader has grander goals.

 Okay, I’m gonna start off by saying that while I am a fan of Captain America, I never read as many of the older comics. I just always thought he was cool, and that his origin was fun. That’s also because I am fan of Pulp action settings in the 1930-40’s. It’s just a cool time with lots of ways to make adventurous heroic stories. Thats exactly what I got with Captain America :The First Avenger.

 This is a very faithful take on the character considering the other attempts. The first release was  in 1979 with two made for TV movies featuring Reb Brown as Cap.  Hollywood made another attempt again in 1990 with Matt Salinger playing Cap.

 Both were terrible; Reb Brown’s Captain America interpretation didn’t portray the character well.  He screamed at the top of his lungs while shooting a gun or punching someone to death. The 1990 movie was also bad, but that was because Captain America was pathetic and got his ass kicked more times than cartoonishly bad Nazi’s got punched in 1940’s propaganda comics.

In this new version of the character, Marvel has given him a proper origin tale and one that’s just what you would want from a good pulp action story with the good guy doing the right thing.

 In the comics, Steve Rogers is an artist who does lots of street murals. He wants to do his part for the war effort. which includes him wanting to actually fight in the war, despite him being physically inept for that. Because of his drive and good character, he’s selected to be a part of a top secret project to create super soldiers.  These super soldiers would be utlized to hunt down an dsto the Nazi’s scientific devision lead by the infamous Red Skull.

 This  film takes that story and  fleshes out Steve and his boundless spirit of good that makes him applicable for the project. He’s such a good guy and just doesn’t like seeing people being bullied. It’s really different seeing a good guy like that in movies nowadays, even superhero movies, where you would  expect to see lots of goody goodies in tights running around. But he’s never annoying or so over the top good that its sickening. Steve’s a guy that you really like and empathize with, not because he’s going through bad things, but because he stumbles on his road to being a hero because only a few people believe in him.

 The story of the underdog is something the audience will always relate to.  With Cap its the same deal but he’s got that drive to help, the relentless passion, ane the humbleness that most modern day heros lack.  He never really gets full of himself or loses track of who he is, he just doubts that he’s really ready for whats needed of him initially. When it really comes to it, he buckles down and does the job with more gusto than anyone expected of him.

 There’s great action, good development of characters and really well done sets to get you into the feeling that its WWII and we’re in the thick of it. While battling the Hugo Weaving’s villain, Johann Schmidt, its a proper pulp action movie, with all the crazy technology that shouldn’t have been around at the time, but looks so cool you don’t even care.


 A thing I have to mention is the usage of war time propaganda and Captain America’s image  in the movie. It actually makes a significant plot point where he gets his suit, and then has it redesigned to work in combat making a very awesome costume. The costume itself is much a tribute to the version of Cap’s suit in the Ultimates; Marvel’s 2002 alternate run on their own series. That version had a suit for Cap in 1944 that had a very appropriate look for the time, and this film’s is very reminiscent of it. There are great details to things too, like Cap’s shield showing scratches in the paint, but the metal Vibranium being totally clean.

 Again, this makes several references to other Marvel characters and even has a show of the World’s Fair that was mentioned in Iron Man 2. Yes, Tony Stark’s father shows up, and he’s not just there as a one off character either.

 As popcorn action movies go, this is entertaining and has a much better plot than many others that just have lots of explosions with little or no care to the characters. Its got heart and its got a real care for one of the flagship characters of Marvel.

 After a few bad tries back in the day, Marvel’s got it down with Captain America The First Avenger. So go full priced and get patriotic with Cap.