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by Carol Sweda

Sunday nights have improved dramatically with the addition of Once Upon a Time. There isn’t any place you can go where someone isn’t talking about the series on Monday morning.

This cleverly written drama series is set in the town of Storybrooke. The town is made up of fairy tale characters that have no memory of their true identities due to a spell cast by the evil queen and mayor of the town (Lana Parrilla). She is deliciously nasty in this role. The story is split between the fantasy world and Storybrooke as the writers weave the two worlds together exposing characters one by one in each episode.

On the debut episode the only non- Storybrooke resident Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is introduced when her 10 year old biological son Henry (Jared Gilmore) finds her and convinces her to take him back to Storybrooke. Did I mention Henry’s adopted mother is the mayor? Complicating life in Storybrooke further the evil queen’s rival Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) turns out to be Emma’s parents.

The episodes get even better when a second evil character Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin played by (Robert Carlyle) with such perfection goes against the mayor.

Scattered in between episodes are character such as Jiminy Cricket, Red Riding Hood, the seven dwarfs and a favorite of mine the magic mirror/Genie (Sidney Glass) love it.. It’s fun to figure out who each fairy tale character is in Storybrooke.

Every week a new fairytale is intermingled with the main characters bringing a new storyline.

I honestly can’t get enough of the series. I can’t wait for Sunday nights and don’t tell anyone but I watch it again on Monday nights. It’s that good a show.