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Well friends the day has come as we said yesterday Marvel indicated that we’ll be getting a new trailer for The Avengers. This trailer truly is a hulk smash



By David Burrola

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Action

Run time: 129 minutes

Release: December 16, 2011

Director: Guy Ritchie

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Rachel McAdams, Jared Harris, Stephen Fry

Watson and Holmes team up once again to face off with the greatest adversary they’ve known, Professor Moriarty.

The Game is afoot.

I had to do that now, so I won’t try to throw it in later. But now that i’ve indulged that geeky side of me that loves the source material, I should touch on this film’s own standing for what it does to the iconic battle of wits that raged on between Sherlock Homles and his great adversary Professor Moriarty. This is the Sherlock Homles movie you’ve been waiting for. Every detail, every quirk, every clue, every step of this more dangerous adventure is just the movie you’ve been waiting to see and you’ll love it.

We start off a bit later from the last film, as Watson narrates over his typwriter of word of several bombings have been hitting France and Germany, and blame is being put on each other from each other on who the culprit is. But of course, Holmes is deep in trying to uncover Moriarty’s goal in all this, as naturally this is all a part of some intricate plot of his. Then we see Irene Adler(Rachel McAdams returning) walking the streets of London with a package. Sherlock intercepts her in one of his many humorous disguises snatching up the parcel, and they go on with witty banter as they make their way to where Sherlock hopes to get closer to Moriarty’s dealings. They are stopped by 4 men that have been tailing them, whom are there to guard the lady and beat up our eccentric hero. She leaves, but not before he takes a letter from her, and he’s left to square off with the thugs. This goes as entertainingly as you would expect considering the previous film.

From here, Irene meets with Moriarty in a restaurant, and we finally get to see the dangerous villain here, played by Jared Harris. This scene does several things, as this films is very layered in its action narrative, it shows up not only what Irene’s been up to, but also what kind of a threat Sherlock’s dealing with, and we the audience get to see just how well this guy plans things. He’s just as smart as Holmes, but he’s cold, vicious, affluent and totally in control of just about every situation he’s in. This is a real scary man, and it makes for a fantastic villain. Harris never plays him over the top, he never blows up, he never looses his cool. He’s always composed, prodding, and ever much ready to act on his observations on a person, and to tell them that they’ll never win. He’s narcissistic yes, but that never comes out in any blatant dialogue about himself. He’s always putting others down, and relishes in his own mastery over mental challenges.

After the meeting is over, Watson goes to meet with Holmes as he’s exploring more tactics and formulas as well as being a crazy as we’ve come to love about him from before. Maybe a bit more than before, since now he’s let all sorts of plants and animals about in his room. It looks like a rainforest now. Literally.

I’m gonna have to stop there with describing the films events like I tend to, and go on about important things with the film.

What this has done more than any other portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, is letting us see what his eccentricities are about, the methods to his madness. It also goes to show us that he’s essentially lost in all that he’s able to see, every detail around him, that he’s at a loss of what to do with it, and that Watson is the only person that understands him and can really handle him as a person. Watson is his anchor to the world around him, with both having the upmost respect for each other, but also a connection deeper than just hero and sidekick. While this isn’t something that’s hammered into you head, or repeated by other characters all the time, is just in how they act with each other. Its like their family, or life long friends. Here we get to see more of trust and admiration each has for each other.

Moriarty and Holmes struggle with each other, is like two masters playing chess. Its much more literal and a driving metaphor within the films that they are playing a game, but with one player ready to sacrifice the lives of the other players close circle of friends, family colleagues, he’s out for blood. They have respect for each other as one is the mental match for the other, but they are also polar opposites. Holmes generally is there for help others, and to bring justice. While Moriarty is a dark human being ready to exploit his fellow man for his own ends.

Guy Ritchie sets up so many things in this film visually that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Several times I single frame or few seconds of a cut can set up something you won’t see coming till spontaneously later. Many things pop out at you, but not as a ‘what the hell is that doing here?’ its more of a ‘Wait what’s that-OH!’. It always dawns on you just a moment later where that came from and why it was shown to you earlier. In all of the older mystery films of Sherlock Holmes, we see them going about the aftermath of a crime scene, sometimes they fight some weird thing, and then Holmes goes about his deductions of the crime and strange happenings. Then we see him beat the bad guy and he tells you all about how he did it. This film, more than the previous we see Sherlock thinking on his feet, deducing things in the field and then moving fast to a conclusion. He’s got to stay constantly on his toes as Moriarty’s just ahead of him. What makes this work so well, is that the villain seems much more dangerous, that the threat is so much more real. We see that Holmes is having trouble dealing with his adversary.

Now, I saw this in a pretty full theater and i’ve gotta say, this is the first time in a while i’ve seen a films that got applause at the end. Lots of laughs, and ‘aww’s’ and ‘woots’ where had all around. Its a film that takes the fun with drama, that keeps the action with the comedy, that doesn’t skip a beat unless its going to throw you a loop before it hits you with the crescendo.

If you’re going to see anything this holiday with friends, family, or a date, make it this one. Its an evening game of deadly chess you’ll be glad you started. Shall we make it a five minute game?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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